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VEF Radiotehnika RRR (vk.com)
“VEF Radiotehnika RRR” PLC was founded in 1927 as “Foto – radio centrāle A.Leibovic” PLC, a company that specialized in radio receiver manufacturing.

The company was given its present name in 1941, and between 1945 and 1990 it was the major manufacturer of audio hardware in the former USSR.

Since 1990, when Latvia regained its sovereignty, the “VEF Radiotehnika RRR” JSC has become one of the leading home and professional Hi-Fi acoustic system manufacturers in the Eastern Europe.

The successful combination of company’s 80 - year working experience and the latest production and research technologies have made “VEF Radiotehnika RRR” JSC acoustic systems to be well – known for their outstanding sound quality and classical design. Up-to-date woodworking and loudspeaker production technologies and modern research laboratory enable the company to manufacture a wide range of Hi-Fi acoustic systems, including home audio hardware and speakers for home theatres, as well as professional acoustic systems used for public events.

Today “VEF Radiotehnika RRR” is selling its products in the Baltic States, Finland, Germany, Russia, Italy and many other countries in Europe.

Company specializes in:
  • acoustic system production;
  • production of acoustic system for home theatres;
  • built-in loudspeaker production;
  • manufacture of professional speaker cabinets
  • manufacture of printed circuit boards;
  • assembly of printed circuit boards, including SMD assembly
  • assembly of electronic parts, cable harnesses